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WorkSafe Victoria Reminds Workplaces to Remember Safety at This Time of Year

Although this may be the “most wonderful time of the year”, for workers it can be a nightmare, especially if safety begins to take a back seat to festive cheer. WorkSafe Victoria has issued a reminder to both workers and

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Australians Encouraged to Think About Workplace Safety This October

Australians are being encouraged to take a moment to think about workplace safety this October, in Safe Work’s National Safe Work Month. Safe Work Australia Chair Diane Smith-Gander reminded all Australians in all workplaces that a safety incident can happen

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Put Safety First in the Lead-up to Christmas

WorkCover Queensland has reminded all employers to pay attention to the safety of their employees in the lead-up to Christmas, particularly given that during this time of the year, injury claims tend to rise. According to WorkCover Queensland Executive –

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Company Releases Device to Aid Construction Security

A site safety firm has recently launched a wireless monitoring device to combat construction site thefts. The company, partnering with Microsoft, Two Bulls and Thinxtra have developed a multi sensor wireless alarm system, powered by 4 AA batteries. Companies pay

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How We’re Contributing to Carbon Emissions

We were recently asked the question, how  much are we contributing to carbon emissions? Do we really know? We all think about the factories and airplanes and coal fired powered stations but have you ever considered your own personal carbon

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Construction Worker Hospitalised

A man was seriously injured after falling from a scaffold at a work site in northeast Victoria. The scaffold which the man was working on, tipped over, causing him to fall and land on the ground. The incident happened at

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Start 2017 Right – Put Safety First

The year hasn’t gotten off to a very good start for safety, especially in the construction industry. We’ve already heard of so many workplace incidents which led to injuries and now WorkSafe New Zealand is urging all workers and businesses

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A Bizarre and Dangerous Solution to Slow Productivity

While we try to tackle the problem of drug use on construction sites here in Australia, some workers in other parts of the world are being forced to take illicit drugs to boost their productivity. Known as the perfect slave

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Get Prepared for Extreme Weather

Part of preparing for extreme weather conditions means getting homes and dwellings ready. This video fro Bunnings shows how to get your home prepared for extreme weather conditions.  

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Construction Worker Killed during Demolition

Building work is high risk, whether the building is going up or coming down, as a case in New Jesey recently highlighted. Although this incident happened on the other side of the world, it resonated with me because it shows

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