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Latest Construction Machinery At Work

Construction machinery seems to be advancing at such an insane rate, that keeping up with developments is hard. If you love watching these amazing and advanced construction machines in action then this video is for you. It’s easy to see

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WorkSafe Shuts Down Coombs Construction Site

Residential construction sites in the ACT were the target of authorities after one incident which left a man nursing an injured leg, among other injuries, and another which involved inspectors handing over prohibition notices on another site where they had

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Modern Construction Equipment on The Job

Incidents related to construction machinery and equipment are amongst the top 4 causes of workplace injuries in this industry. When you watch this equipment in action, you realise the power behind these mammoth machines and why safety plans are of

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Mind Blowing Construction Machinery

Heavy machinery has advanced leaps and bounds in the past decade, performing tasks we never imagined possible. Keeping abreast with advancements in construction machinery can be challenging because the industry is advancing at such a rapid pace. Here is a

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