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Safety Lapses That Led to Workplace Injury Results in Fines for WA Company and Director

A company and director from WA have been fined $327,500 over an incident that happened 2 years ago in Esperance which resulted in the serious injury of a 17 year old worker. The firm was fined $225,000 for failure to

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Live Electrical Work Prohibited in WA

Live electrical work is expected to be banned in WA. Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the law would be implemented following the deaths of 3 workers due to live electrical work in the last 2 years. The first death occurred in 2013 and

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Latest Construction Skills Shortage News

According to statistics from The Australian Department of Employment  there is a shortage of trade workers across the construction industry, in most states and territories. Since the upturn in construction, concern has been mounting that not enough people are choosing to

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Tips for Safety Conversations

In an article on SafetyRisk.net Robert Long discusses 20 tips for safety conversations which would prove especially beneficial for employers to utilise in the construction industry. Communication is an important aspect of site safety and this post provides tips to

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White Card: Construction Induction Training – Work Safely in the Construction Industry

It was recently revealed that the ACT has the highest serious injury rate in Oz. This is one of the reasons why work safety inspectors have begun a 3 week long safety blitz in the state which will target the

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Promoting OH&S through Training

The best way to familiarise workers with occupational health and safety measures is through training, which is why training is arguably the most important part of the workplace health and safety process. The value of training is undeniable, because common

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Design of Site Fencing Should Be Able To Withstand High Winds

The topic of pedestrians and the public being injured and even killed by construction accidents is a sad but extremely relevant one at the moment, especially in Oz, following the death last month of 3 people who were walking past

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According to St. Johns Ambulance 87% of Australian businesses failing first aid

A rather disturbing revelation has been brought to light regarding provision of first aid facilities by employers. According to a media release by St. Johns Ambulance, millions of Australian employees are at risk because of a lack of safety awareness

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White Card Update: Employers Adhere to OHS regulations or Face the Consequences

Employers who think that they can flout the law and OHS regulation are in for a surprise, as a Portland-based plumbing company in Victoria discovered recently. Employers have a duty to provide workers with a safe working environment and safe

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Article Posts for Week Ending December 21,2012

Here is a list of the articles posted on our blog this last week: Construction Workers: Concrete Pouring Care Info White Card Update: OHS Employer Obligations

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