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Tradies Cancer Risk from Silica Dust

According to the Cancer Council Australia, 600,000 people in Australia are at risk of getting cancer from silica dust and probably don’t even realise it. People working in mines, farms, construction and demolition jobs are most at risk, being exposed

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Construction Site Fall Caught on Video

This is an example of what not to do when working on a construction site. Let’s hope this guy is alright after this nasty fall…

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Dam Construction Hampered by Heavy Rains

Completion of renovation work on the Suma Park Dam in NSW may be delayed if heavy rains fall. The contractor in charge of the project, Geotech Pty Ltd has so far relied on low rains to complete the work but the

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WorkSafe Victoria Campaign aims to Make Towns safer

Businesses in the Moe, Newborough and Trafalgar area should be prepared for a visit from WorkSafe Victoria inspectors who will begin some 100 inspections later this month as a part of the ongoing Safe Towns campaign. On its website WorkSafe

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Health and Wellness Should be A Priority for Tradies

The message from the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is that health and wellness should be a priority for tradies. It is the message behind the Tradies National Health Month, running throughout August. Tradies are being reminded about the importance of protecting their

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Safety Near Overhead Power Lines Crucial

There is more than just one thing wrong with this picture but the serious risk of contact with overhead power lines is that electrocution can result. The worker may suffer electric shock or possibly fatal burns. The White Card course

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Participants Wanted for Study on Family Experiences following Workplace Fatalities

Participants are needed for a study by The University of Sydney on the experiences of families who have lost loved ones to workplace fatalities in Queensland. The aim of the study is to help the Government improve support for families

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Small Construction Fire Started by Welding Sparks

Sparks flew at a construction site in Queensland recently, so much so that they ignited a nearby piece of cardboard and started a fire on the Greenmount site. Fortunately Rural Fire Brigade and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services were able to

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Man Stung 90 Times on Old Work Site

Following an incident on a WA mine site which left one man with 90 bee stings, I was reminded of the importance of protecting workers from insects and pests on work sites. In Australia mosquitoes and snakes present a common

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Hearing Awareness in The Construction Industry

A construction site and the processes that go on can present a number of noise hazards which not only induce hearing loss in workers but can affect their immediate safety. To encourage workers to address noise hazards in the workplace,

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