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1200 Construction Workers Allegedly Died Building Qatar World Cup Stadiums

The news has been circulating that a staggering 1200 migrant labourers died while working on Qatar’s World Cup stadiums, a claim Qatar has vehemently denied. The country was awarded the 2022 World Cup in 2010 and began construction soon after.

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Safety Video on Avoiding Heat Illness and Injury

We all know that staying hydrated is a crucial part of avoiding heat stress but what else can we do to avoid illness and injury in our warm climate? Watch this safety video to learn the most important aspects of

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Man’s Fall Death Described as “Mysterious”

The death of a man whose body was discovered on a building site on Saturday morning has been described as “mysterious” particularly because the man was not a member of the construction crew. Despite police and authorities investigating the fall,

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White Card Update: Fatigue’s Contribution to Workplace Injuries

I recently came across an article on the risks associated with fatigue in the transport industry and it got me thinking about how prevalent this hazard was on construction sites and whether or not it was a contributor to workplace

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Union Slams Lend Lease after latest Scaffolding Death

When it comes to scaffolding work, one of the greatest risks is falling, something that companies should be aware of in advance and take the necessary measures to guard against. A man on a construction site in the Barangaroo redevelopment

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Worker Killed by Manhole Cover

Death on major contractor school extension project It has been reported by the West Sussex Gazette that a construction worker has died after being struck on the head by a man hole cover at a school building site. The unnamed

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Beware of Coming into Contact with Power lines on Construction Sites

One of the hazards that construction workers on building sites will often have to contend with is possibly live, overhead power lines. One of the biggest mistakes workers can make is assuming that power lines aren’t live because this is

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Biggest Hazards associated with work in Confined Spaces

Although work in a confined space may seem like it is fairly “safe” there are a myriad of risks associated with this work environment that may not be evident initially. Contrary to what many people believe work in confined spaces

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Caution when working with Tools in Construction

It is important to remember that power tools can present a risk to construction workers, as an incident in Wodonga recently proved. A mature worker on a site in Wodonga was seriously injured while working with an angle grinder. The

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Design of Site Fencing Should Be Able To Withstand High Winds

The topic of pedestrians and the public being injured and even killed by construction accidents is a sad but extremely relevant one at the moment, especially in Oz, following the death last month of 3 people who were walking past

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