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Addressing Workplace Bullying the Focus of WorkSafe video

The only thing worse than a workplace bully is the employer who knowingly tolerates bullying in the workplace. In this WorkSafe video the responsibilities of Victorian employers is identified when it comes to addressing workplace bullying.  

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WorkSafe Victoria Video Sheds Light on Workplace Bullying

Worksites can be stressful places, but add to the regular workplace stress the pressure of being bullied and it can become unbearable. That is why it’s important to identify bullying as soon as it rears its head and address it.

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Beware of Bullies in the Workplace

If you thought bullying ended in school, you’d be wrong. In fact the workplace bully is more complicated than the school yard bully because their behaviour involves more than just physically bullying a person. Workplace bullying is behaviour that threatens

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Too Many Bullying Complaints in Construction

The revelation that 22 construction worker bullying complaints were made to the Fair Work Commission in 2016/17 makes it clear that this is an issue that needs to be addressed in the industry, particularly given that most incidents go unreported.

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How to identify Bullying on the Job

Sometimes bullying can be hard to define in the workplace, it can be even more difficult to address. Whether we want to confront it or not, bullying in the workplace is a major problem and companies need to understand the

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Charges Over Workplace Bullying of Apprentice

Are you one of those employers who thinks using explicit language on employees is acceptable and “hazing” of apprentices is okay? Then you could face up 10 years in prison under legislation known as Brodie’s Law which makes serious bullying

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Beware of Bullying on Work Sites – Fair Work First Stop Bullying Order Issued

Thankfully we are finally beginning to make some progress with regards to tackling the issue of bullying in workplaces across Oz with the Fair Work Commission issuing its first stop bullying order. A worker has been issued a stop bullying

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More about the New Bullying Code

Safe Work Australia’s draft Code of Practice on Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying (also referred to as The Bullying Code) is expected to make a significant difference to the development of workplace health and safety law for employers throughout

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White Card Update: Australian Unions urge Minister to Address Workplace Bullying

The Australian Unions have urged the Minister for Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten to implement new and improved anti-bullying measures which are important in promoting better occupational health and safety on the whole. They have also called on the Minister to

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White Card News: Fair Work warns Employers About Dealing with Bullying

The issue of bullying is important because workers being bullied are put under unnecessary pressure, lose concentration and injure themselves or others making it a matter of safety. Workers who are stressed tend to make more mistakes than those that

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