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Australian University Develops Building Material That Could Prevent Building Collapse during Earthquakes

A group of scientists at the Centre for Built Infrastructure Research at University of Technology Sydney, say they’ve found the solution to guarding buildings against earthquakes. The research was led by associate professor Behzad Fatahi and supported by Ruoshi Xu.

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Thousands of Japanese Buildings are at Risk

After a number of earthquakes and tremors hit Japan a few weeks ago, more than 12,000 buildings are at risk of collapsing, the government has warned. Around 50 people were killed when the 9 magnitude earthquake hit, as well as around

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Numerous Sydney Buildings Scheduled for Demolition.

Sydney’s CBD is going to be turned into a big construction site as a number of high rise buildings are set to be demolished as early as next year to make way for the new Metro Rail Line. The city’s

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Surprising Scandals Surrounding Famous World Buildings

Bet you didn’t know that these embarassing events surrounded some of the world’s most famous construction projects. These architectural failures could teach the construction industry a lesson or 2.  

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Building Materials that can Fight Pollution

New bricks have been designed to suck the pollution out of the air like a vacuum. The Breathe Brick developed by Carmen Trudell, an assistant professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s school of architecture was¬†designed to form a part

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