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Western Sydney Workplace Accident- One Injured and One Killed

A man was killed and another injured after becoming trapped beneath landfill in a freak workplace accident. Co-workers reportedly dug through tonnes of debris with their bare hands in their efforts to free the 2 men. One man, in his

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Latest Construction Technology and Tools Making Work Easier

New inventions and technologies are making construction easier and making more complex projects possible. This video shows some of the latest developments making life a little easier for construction workers.

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Watch a Family Construct Their Off The Grid Home

Living off-the-grid has become a more popular way of life for many and this family decided to make their dream a reality all on their own. This couple built their entire home from the ground up, on their own. Here’s

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Company to Introduce Excavators with Self-driving Tech

A start-up tech construction company wants to modify excavators for construction with self-driving technology. The technology is meant to do the basic tasks of drivers so that human drivers can concern themselves with more complex tasks. The company says this

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Builders Warn of Global Construction Skills Shortage

Australian’s home building sector through Housing Industry Association’s Harley Dale has expressed concern over a looming skills shortage. The HIA has called for a separate contractor visa to be introduced which could bring workers into Australia for building construction projects

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Safety Review of the Industry Demanded after Death of 18 Year Old Apprentice in Scaffolding Incident

The fatal accident involving an 18 year old apprentice at a construction site in Sydney has prompted renewed calls for an inquiry into construction safety. The 18 year old apprentice, Christopher Cassaniti died after a 15  metre high scaffolding collapsed.

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Construction Accident Leads to Amputation for One Worker

A 40 year old construction worker’s life will never be the same after a horrific workplace accident in Melbourne’s west recently resulted in amputation. The man had to have his foot amputated after being rushed to Royal Melbourne Hospital in

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45 Year Old Man Hospitalised After Falling Through Roof

Work from height continues to be a  major concern in the workplace despite the fact falls are avoidable if the proper precautions are taken. A recent incident involved a 45 year old man who was transported to hospital after falling

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Charges Laid after Man Falls 3M in Workplace Accident

Two construction companies have been fined after a worker fell 3 metres from a roof of a primary school in Darwin’s northern suburbs.The man was seriously injured in the fall. At the time the 31 year old worker had been

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Focus On Keeping Young Workers Safe with Joint Inspection Blitz

Young workers are a particularly vulnerable group of the workforce which is why a joint blitz was organised recently by WorkSafe Victoria and SafeWork NSW to focus on keeping them safe and reducing potentially fatal workplace falls – another major

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