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Non-conforming building products Addressed

It’s become obvious that non-conforming building products are a major problem for the building industry and now the Queensland Government is taking action with the introduction of a bill that places conformance obligations on all supply chain participants, whereas in

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Building Product Focus- Solar Shingles

Are solar panels putting you off because of their bulky design? With the release of Tesla’s new solar panels we no longer need to sacrifice style for function. Recently unveiled on the set of Desperate Housewives in LA, the solar

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Collaborative Approach to Building Safety Standards

Following the uproar about the presence of non-conforming building products across Australia, putting both workers and inhabitants of buildings at risk, building ministers have come to an agreement on a national approach to the use of these products. Building ministers

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The Benefits of Solar Shingles

Generating power in an environmentally friendly and economical way is one of the greatest challenges of our time and often we ask what can one person really do? That is why inventions such as this one are so valuable. Solar

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Better Thermal Performance for Houses

An innovation in building insulation will ensure that Western Australian homes are kept cool during long, extremely hot summers. This year, DriTherm insulation batts was released to help keep WA homes cool in conjunction with the double-brick construction method. The manufacturer

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Effects of Recession Still being Felt in Construction Industry

The effects of the global recession that hit in 2008 can still be seen impacting the US construction industry in a number of ways including a shortage of building products. A recent article on Gizmodo.com.au highlighted the glass shortage being

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Tasmanian Timber Encouraged to Rise to Higher Heights

A professor has told the timber industry that there are huge opportunities for the provision of prefabricated timber products for high rise buildings. Professor Nolan works with the University of Tasmania’s Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAW), which assisted

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