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Female Construction Workers Benefit from Industry Opportunities

A recent article on News.com.au highlighted the soaring pay of women in the Australian construction industry. According to reports, female construction workers are benefiting from the boom in construction with pay packets over a hundred thousand dollars. Despite the financial

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NSW Construction Safety Blitz Proves a Success

SafeWork inspectors say the NSW Construction safety blitz aimed at reducing falls from heights was a success. The 12 month long blitz resulted in 1258 notices being issued to stop work or improve work processes. Inspectors made 1000 visits to

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Husband and Wife Alleged Ringleaders in Construction Qualification Fraud

A man and woman have been arrested after an investigation revealed that they were the ringleaders behind a scheme issuing fake construction industry trade qualifications to unqualified people for a fee since 2015. The 55 year old man and his

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Why Construction Workers are at A Higher Risk of Traumatic Spinal Injury

Workers in the construction industry, together with those in the transport industries, have been identified as being at a higher risk of traumatic spinal injuries. A team of researchers from The University of NSW Sydney and the University of Sydney

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Statistics Reveal The Most Dangerous Jobs of 2018

SafeWork Australia has revealed which are the most dangerous industries in Australia, according to statistics and so far the transport, postal services and warehousing sector is the most deadly with 29 fatalities this year. Last year the agriculture, forestry and

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How China is Building Faster than Ever

China is one those countries where construction cannot keep up with the demand and population growth. One way builders are overcoming this and putting up structures faster than usual is with core tubular stainless steel. Haven’t heard of it before?

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October is National Safe Work Month

October is National Safe Work Month, a month to observe workplace health and safety – an initiative started by Safe Work Australia in 2008. It was originally planned to develop national policy and guidance for workplace health and safety and

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Stonemasons want Government Action on Silicosis

A recent article on News.com.au highlighted the plight of stonemason Cameron Harper who is warning Australia’s tradies about the risks of not wearing the appropriate protection. The 27 year old mason coughs and wheezes regularly as he speaks and loses

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Man Injured After Construction Site Fall

A man fell off a roof at a construction site in Berry and had to be rushed to hospital. Paramedics were called after a man fell 3 metres on a site at Hitchcocks Lane, near Huntingdale Park Road. A NSW

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Nine People Killed in Building Collapse in India

Two multi-storey buildings have collapsed in New Delhi, India, claiming the lives of at least 9 people. Rescuers found 9 bodies as they cleared the mounds of rubble following the collapse. More than 100 rescuers were involved in the operation

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