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CFMEU Officials facing Court over Alleged Coercion on Queensland Site

Officials from the country’s largest construction union, the CFMEU are facing court after they allegedly coerced workers on a Queensland site to stop work for at least 6 days. The incident revolved around a Safety Manager who was not removed

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Construction Trade Shortages in NSW

An article on Sourceable.net recently highlighted an impending problem that the construction sector in NSW and Sydney are facing – a skills shortage. According to the Housing Industry Association Senior Economist Shane Garret, the housing construction boom is steady in

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CFMEU Officials Facing Court over 78 Instances of Law Breaking on One Site

A staggering 78 was the number of times that the CFMEU and its officials allegedly broke the law on one construction site. Now the officials are facing court over the allegations of coercion. CFMEU officials allegedly caused work on a

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Bunbury Court hears that Death of Teenage Trade Assistant was Preventable

An incident which happened in February 2013 has been heard before a Western Australian who found that the death of a teenage trade assistant in Bunbury while working inside a roof space could have been avoided. The deceased young worker,

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ABS Figures show Improvement in Work Safety

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has offered Australian workers an encouraging report of work related injuries and illness. According to the ABS the number of people experiencing a work-related injury or illness has continued to decline. A spokesperson for

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Basic Advice for Working with Bulldozers

Heavy equipment such as bulldozers have become irreplaceable on most construction sites, minimising work time drastically by cutting and pushing large quantities of materials in just a few seconds- work that would take a substantial amount of time otherwise. While

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Australian Industry Chief Says Loss of Victorian Construction Code a Shame

The Australian Industry Group Chief Executive Innes Willox recently expressed his concern of the Victorian Government’s decision to abolish the Victorian Construction Code, Implementation Guidelines and Federal Construction Regulator. The Chief Exec described the move as “disappointing” because they protected

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185 Aussies killed at Work in 2014

According to the latest Safe Work Australia statistics, there have been a total of 185 Aussies killed on the job in 2014. While the highest number of fatalities was recorded from the transport, postal & warehousing industry and the agriculture,

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13 People Killed in Tunnel Collapse at Construction Site

A horrific construction accident has claimed the lives of 13 people in the Ecuadoran Amazon. At least a dozen were injured in addition to those who were killed during the tunnel collapse at a Chinese construction site. The plant has

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Oz not the only Country with Construction Skills Shortage

I recently read an article on a UK website which reminded me of the construction situation here in Oz. Perhaps the UK’s handling of the construction skills shortage can serve as an example for us and give us some insight

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