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Latest Construction Skills Shortage News

According to statistics from The Australian Department of Employment  there is a shortage of trade workers across the construction industry, in most states and territories. Since the upturn in construction, concern has been mounting that not enough people are choosing to

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Emphasis on Safety Pre-planning in Construction

  The safety of construction workers is once again in the spotlight and employers are being urged not to be worker’s safety an after thought. SafeWork Australia says 211 construction workers died from work-related injuries in the five years from 2007–08 to

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Building Activity to ease in 2015 but Remain Respectable according to ACIF

According to the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) building and construction activity throughout Australia in 2015 are set to vary according to geographical location and sector in which contractors find themselves. The ACIF released its Construction Market Report December 2014

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White Card Queensland: Workplace Fatalities Down

Queensland workplace fatalities and injuries have dropped significantly, according to the latest figures. According to new figures, there has been a significant decline in workplace fatalities and injuries across the state. One person who is particularly pleased with these results

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Western Australians Contracting Deadly Asbestos Diseases at Alarming Rates

One of the greatest concerns for people in the construction sector, especially those involved with renovation and demolition of older buildings, is the risk of contracting a deadly asbestos induced disease. Despite all that has been done to raise awareness

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Lack of Training Can Prove Fatal in Construction

Importance of The White Card Road construction and in fact all types of construction are high risk activities which require workers to be properly trained, adequately supervised and alert at all times to avoid injury and possibly death. Despite the

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Alert Issued To Local Councils, Builders, Building Certifiers, Property Owners and Residential Selling Agents

A recent post on www.thefifthestate.com.au warned local councils, builders, building certifiers, property owners and residential selling agents of a possible shake-up of the building industry. In fact the post describes it as one of the “biggest industry reforms in many

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New South Wales Residential Construction Expected to Surge

Further good news has emerged for members of the construction industry in NSW with predictions expecting residential construction in the state to reach a seven year high in 2015. According to Master Builders Australia’s Building and Construction Industry Forecasts the

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Not Too Late to Start a New Job in Construction: Get Your White Card in 2015

With 2015 well underway forecasts predict that the boom in construction across the board which we have been experiencing over the last few months will undoubtedly continue for the rest of the year and in fact over the next few

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Fatal Rooflight Fall – Owners Sentenced

A British director and company have been sentenced over a fatal fragile rooflight fall. According to British health and safety website PPConstructionSafety.com, a building firm and its owner have been sentenced at Preston Crown Court at the beginning of February

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