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Road Construction Time-lapse Video

For a look at how roads are constructed and an idea of just how much work actually goes into building our infrastructure watch the time-lapse video below. Road construction is one of the most high risk for the workers involved,

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Videos Addressing Fall Management Released

A series of videos have been released to help address the problematic issue of fall management. The issue is problematic because it is the most common cause of injury on worksites and especially in the construction industry. Even falls from

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Video Shows Runaway Construction Vehicle

Watch a funny video of a construction worker chasing a runaway construction vehicle. Not sure how this happened, but let’s make sure we never make this mistake – be sure to turn off the vehicle before stepping out.  

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A First from Indian Engineers – Building Goes Up in 48 Hours

With the demand for housing rapidly increasing, especially in highly populated parts of the world like India, the focus in construction is on speed and affordability. That’s what motivated an Indian firm to build a 10 storey high-rise in a

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Construction Worker’s Stunts Go Viral

The acrobatic stunts on a Chinese construction worker have gone viral, making the timid worker a worldwide sensation. We’ve seen some crazy things on construction sites but this man is in a league of his own. Whatever you do, do

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Time-lapse Video of Panama Canal Expansion

Watching a construction time-lapse video is cool, but when it’s on a massive scale like the Panama Canal expansion project it’s even more impressive. Here 5 years of construction work is jammed into just over 2 minutes.

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Watch The World’s Best Construction Equipment in Action

One of the coolest jobs on the construction site is operating heavy equipment. If you love these machines in action, you’ll enjoy this video of the latest heavy equipment in action. In Australia heavy equipment operators need to have a

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Construction of University of Newcastle in this time-lapse video

The University of Newcastle New Space project is currently underway and is expected to transform the CBD and revitalise the area. Whether your a resident of Newcastle or simply a lover of construction, you’ll enjoy seeing construction progress in this

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Now These Are Smart Heavy Equipment

Here are some amazing construction machines in action. Have you had the pleasure of working with one of these?

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Watch 4 Years of Construction in 5 Minutes

In a city full of skyscrapers the Al Habtoor City Construction was caught in this time-lapse video. Watch as construction progresses on this impressive structure.

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