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Date PostedFebruary 8, 2014

White Card Update: Worker Dies on Tasmanian Copper Mine

Workers involved in any type of construction including mining construction must undergo White Card training (also known as general construction industry induction training) before beginning work to ensure that they are aware of the hazards and risks associated with the work and how to overcome them.

A situation on a copper mine on Tasmania’s west coast is an example of why safety training is so important. A worker has been killed on the mine which brings the death toll to 3 within a 6 week period.

The latest fatality involved a 53 year old man who died from injuries he received at the Mount Lyell mine in Queenstown, Tasmania, early one work day morning.

The man was a loader operator who was contracting with Barminco. The man was found when he was not responding forcing the mine’s rescue team had to retrieve him. According to reports, the man died in a mud rush in the mine’s lower levels.

A mud rush often occurs in mining when a sudden flow of mud from underground openings rushes in. It is the cause of a number of mining deaths in Australia but is just one of the hazards that claim so many lives every year.

This particular mine has seen its’ share of tragedy lately. In the last six weeks 2 other workers died at the mining site after falling from a platform in the main shaft. The men plunged 35 metres down the shaft while they were engaging in maintenance work.

The tight knit community has been shaken by the recent tragedies. There have been nine deaths in Tasmanian mines since 2000.

Anyone embarking on a career in the mining construction industry must first complete White Card training. If you are planning an oil career, an offshore job or looking for jobs in mining, you will need to be in possession of a white card, in fact all construction professions in Oz must first complete this mandatory training.

The White Card is your proof that you have completed the occupational health and safety induction course and learnt the basics of safety on a construction site. In addition to be a mandatory requirement, it will also help you make better decisions while on site effectively enhancing your own safety and that of everyone else on the work site.

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