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Date PostedJuly 7, 2013

White Card Update: Road Construction Safety Tips

Workers involved in road construction are sometimes placed at an increased risk of injury and even death than workers on ordinary sites. This is because on a traditional construction site everyone should be trained on safety whereas road construction workers often come face to face with members of the public who are not familiar with the correct safety behaviour near construction sites, this places them at risk.

Workers and contractors need to ensure that other road users do not present a risk to workers involved in road construction. The most important aspects to consider are:

  • Advance warning for motorists.
  • Sufficient and suitable signage.
  • Pathways for road users and workzone delineation.
  • Work zone separation from passing traffic.
  • Providing workers with high visibility clothing.

While construction workers cannot stop drivers from speeding there are certain measures that can be taken to minimise the risks. Posting well lit, appropriately positioned warning signs can be a life-saving by warning speeding drivers to slow down well in advance.  Workers and those responsible for road construction sites make sure these signs are adequately visible, clean and well maintained.

This video explains more about road construction safety, hope you find it useful:


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