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Date PostedAugust 2, 2014

White Card Tasmania: Builders and Apprentices Urged to Take Advantage of Local Job Opportunities

With the growth of the construction sector expected to continue over the next few years across the nation, Tasmanian builders and apprentice workers are being encouraged to take an interest in the industry and brush up on their skills so that they can take advantage of the job creation going on in that territory’s construction sector.

Builders, apprentices and potential builders and apprentices are being urged to hone their skills in the construction trades in order to ensure that the jobs being created by major construction projects in the region such as Myer and Macquarie Point do not go to workers from other states and even foreign workers from abroad.

A recent post on the website DailyTelegraph.com.au reported on a forum hosted by the Australian Institute of Building in Hobart which was aimed at giving the local industry a wake-up call to ensure that members of the industry are prepared for the expected influx of construction work as these big projects begin.

The following excerpt from the post explains:

 “There has never been a better pipeline of large project work in Hobart,” local builder and AIB Tasmanian chapter president Peter Overton said.

“Large Hobart projects like Myer, Parliament Square, MAC 01, UTAS’ Student ­accommodation and Performing Arts buildings and the RHH redevelopment are likely to be all under construction in the next year.”

He said the industry also had the development of the old railyards site at Macquarie Point to look forward to over the next decade.

Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/national/locals-urged-to-dig-in-for-new-building-jobs/story-fnjj6010-1227029859925

Peter Overton who is himself a builder, went on to remind builders that large projects being undertaken would require workers with specific skills such as design, project management, procurement, safety and cost control.

Overton went on to state:

 “Hopefully, these work and training opportunities can go to Tasmanians before mainlanders and even overseas ­resources are sought to help build these buildings,” he said.

Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/national/locals-urged-to-dig-in-for-new-building-jobs/story-fnjj6010-1227029859925

While there have been a number of new construction industry training courses introduced in Tasmania at various training institutes, regardless of what type of career you plan on pursuing in the construction sector, you will first have to complete general safety induction training even if you plan on pursuing a career in an admin job.

General safety induction training is mandatory for all tradespeople and professionals engaging in work in the construction sector. This training takes the form of the White Card course which is easily completed online. On completion of the course students receive their nationally recognised White Card and are able to seek employment in the construction sector. Prospective construction employees should complete this training first before even applying for jobs and apprenticeships in the industry.

The article went on to detail some of the construction industry course on offer in Tasmania which could give students an advantage over out of state prospects,

Damian Rogers, from Hobart architecture firm BPSM, said one emerging technology was digital Building Information Modelling or BIM.

“That was unknown when students were trained 10 or more years ago and is set to be one of the biggest changes to the construction industry during the next decade,” he said.

TasTAFE has introduced a BIM course, and construction companies can apply for funding for staff training through the Tasmanian Construction Industry Training Board.

And the University of Newcastle is offering a construction management degree in Hobart.

“Now students won’t need to leave Tasmania to gain major project experience,” Mr Overton said.

Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/national/locals-urged-to-dig-in-for-new-building-jobs/story-fnjj6010-1227029859925


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