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Date PostedJuly 21, 2014

White Card Northern Territory News

In terms of dollar value, the construction activity going on in the Northern Territory is topping the list when compared with other states and territories in Australia.

According to the Commonwealth Securities (ComSec) who published the result, Western Australia is leading in terms of overall performance but the NT is tops when it comes to construction activity.

The report took into consideration 8 criteria, economic growth, retail spending, equipment investment, unemployment, construction work done, population growth, housing finance and dwelling commencements.

The dollar value of construction work in the state in the last September quarter was almost 80 per cent higher than previous averages and was 18.5 per cent higher than the same quarter in the previous year – this indicates sustained growth which is good news for construction workers in the state.

It is also interesting to note that The Northern Territory came out tops when it comes to economic growth which also had a positive effect on employment figures. The Territory was second in terms of new house starts.

Much of the growth in the construction industry in The Territory has to do with the start of the $34 billion Ichthys LNG Project in the Browse Basin off the north-west coast of Western Australia. The development involves the extraction of gas in the area before it is piped to onshore processing facilities in Darwin, some 820km away.

In addition to the commercial construction boost provided by the LNG Project, the Territory is also undergoing a major housing construction boom, the figure was a decade-long high of 2060.

While this is good news for people in the Territory, construction workers in particular have cause for celebration with the improvement in employment.

One important factor to note when celebrating this growth is that safety is still of the utmost importance and will always be more of a priority than productivity – you cannot put a price on human life. That is one of the reasons why Occupational Health and Safety within the construction industry is so important because it is historically one of the most high risk industries.

In Oz understanding OHS in the construction sector involves completing mandatory induction training.

Once workers complete this training (known as White Card training) they will be able to work on any construction site in The Territory or throughout Oz because the qualification gained is nationally recognised – this is particularly important for those engaging in cross border work or anyone who doesn’t wish to be tied down to any one state.

Even workers who are already working in the construction industry should consider renewing their OHS knowledge by undergoing White Card training.

Perhaps you have completed one of the older qualifications such as the state specific Red Card, Green Card or some other colour card – you can undergo White Card training to refresh your safety knowledge and allow you to work in any state or territory in the country.

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