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Date PostedNovember 20, 2015

What Caused that Accident or Near Miss?


Source: bricklayers.regionaldirectory.us

A recent blog I came across reminded me of how important it is to investigate near misses and understand the root cause of these potential accidents to avoid them reoccuring with even more severe consequences.

Linda Light in the article urges employers to investigate underlying causes of near misses and accidents, because in so doing we are getting to the root of the problem and hopefully doing away with it so that it can’t cause an incident in the future.

Although we tend to rush to investigate the causes of accidents, we can somtimes be quite complacent and lazy when it comes to looking into near misses. The writer reminds us to look at these incidents as a ‘wake-up’ call.

Find out more at: https://lindalightllc.com/what-is-the-root-cause-in-an-incident-investigation/

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