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Date PostedNovember 8, 2017

Tradies Rates Pushed Up By Booming Industry

Source: Pixabay

Plumbers in Victoria are currently the most costly tradies in Australia, according to ServiceSeeking.com.au Tradie Price Index, with prices driven up by the building boom.

According to the index, Victorian plumbers demand an average of $91.21 per hour, which is a 21 per cent increase from last year.  In second place are plumbers in Western Australia, with electricians in the same state coming in third, commanding $89.91 per hour and $89.58 per hour respectively.

Plumbers in NSW have also benefited from the booming industry with their income rising year on year, as well as builders in South Australia.

Tilers in Brisbane have seen the biggest percentage rise in their pay – 65 per cent whereas South Australian plumbers saw the biggest fall, dropping by 30 per cent to $37 per hour.

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