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Date PostedOctober 27, 2018

Tips to Protecting Your Vision On-site

While wearing protective eyewear is something we’re advised to do when conducting certain tasks on the construction site, it is something that is often seen as a discomfort if not a hassle, but once you’ve witnessed eye trauma you’d recognise the importance of protective eyewear or safety glasses.

Each day we face hazards such as falling objects, dust and grit from various construction activities such as sawing, cement chipping, nails, liquid mist, metal shavings, wooden splinters etc. and various other forms of trauma that can affect the eye area.

Some damage that may seem minor can cause deterioration over time, so protecting the eyes and vision is crucial.

Those in control of the work site will have to carry out a risk assessment and identify hazards that may affect the eyes. These hazards should be removed entirely if possible but if not, the risk should be minimised.

Personal protective equipment for the eyes is invaluable in doing this on the worksite and employers must ensure that workers are provided with these and are educated on how to properly utilise them. It is every workers responsibility to ensure they utilise the PPE provided when needed and do so correctly whether it be safety goggles, safety glasses or face shields, depending on the task.

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For more information about eye protection read this informative post on https://www.safetysolutions.net.au/content/personal-protection-equipment/article/effective-eye-protection-in-the-construction-industry-433841834





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