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Date PostedJuly 19, 2017

Struggling with Suicide as A Man in Construction

Suicide is an issue that has plagued the construction industry, with male workers being most susceptible to mental health issues and suicide in this industry.

In fact over the past 16 years, there have been 3000 suicides in the construction industry.

Much of the reason for this is that construction workers typically are male, and aren’t very powerful communicators. This means that when they have problems or emotional issues, they aren’t inclined to talk about it or seek help.

This is something we need to work to change. Read more http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/opinion/comment-struggling-in-a-world-of-genderbased-ideology/news-story/4168c4104499b66ce439cb5c33669f6d

Peter Cutforth is a Director at Urban E-Learning, a global elearning and web strategy firm based in George St Brisbane. Peter's interests extend to training, safety and compliance, online marketing, and Mobile Apps.

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