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Date PostedFebruary 18, 2019

Singaporean Workers Dies after Failing to Secure Harness

A construction worker in Singapore recently died after falling six floors at a construction site. It was discovered that the worker had not secured his safety harness to a life line.

The state coroner found that the 51 year old man did not take the safety measure of securing his safety harness before starting work. The coroner also found that wooden planks were not placed at each level of the shaft which could have broken his fall.

The man was working for a Chinese company at a ventilation shaft at the time of the accident.

Although the man was wearing a safety harness, it was not attached to a life line, despite safety rules requiring workers to do so. Life lines are meant to hold the body weight of the worker if they were to fall.

A co-worker said the man failed to secure the harness because he felt like it impeded movement.  This tragedy should serve as a reminder about the importance of safety precautions, even if we find it inconvenient.

Find out more at https://sg.news.yahoo.com/construction-worker-fell-death-failed-secure-harness-life-line-state-coroner-081236578.html

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