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Date PostedJuly 7, 2018

SafeWork SA Reminds People Working with Spray Paint to Make Safety a Priority

Source: Pixabay.com

An incident is being investigated by SafeWork SA following a fire that broke out in a spray booth at a business in Pooraka. Workers were spraying at the time.

Reports say one worker had been smoking while a spray gun was being used which may have caused the fire.

SafeWork SA issued a reminder to all people working with spray paint to make safety a priority and avoid smoking around equipment.

The statement issued by SafeWork SA states,

SafeWork SA reminds anyone working with spray paint that organic solvents within the paint are flammable, and the act of spraying increase the risk of fire and explosion because of the solvent vapour in the air. Sources of ignition include matches, lighters and cigarettes and other open flames.

Source: https://www.safework.sa.gov.au/news/painting-booth-fire#

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