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Date PostedMay 25, 2019

Safety Review of the Industry Demanded after Death of 18 Year Old Apprentice in Scaffolding Incident

The fatal accident involving an 18 year old apprentice at a construction site in Sydney has prompted renewed calls for an inquiry into construction safety.

The 18 year old apprentice, Christopher Cassaniti died after a 15  metre high scaffolding collapsed. His co-worker was injured and rushed to hospital after being freed from beneath the rubble.

This year alone 5 construction workers have been killed at work, prompting calls for a safety review.

The family of the 18 year old worker asked that the government take urgent action and implement measures to improve construction site safety.

Read more at: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/04/sydney-scaffolding-death-prompts-calls-safety-review-industry/#.XMbB3aQlE1l

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