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Date PostedAugust 9, 2018

Nine People Killed in Building Collapse in India

Two multi-storey buildings have collapsed in New Delhi, India, claiming the lives of at least 9 people.

Rescuers found 9 bodies as they cleared the mounds of rubble following the collapse.

More than 100 rescuers were involved in the operation however no survivors were found. They used cranes, chainsaws and sledgehammers in the rescue operation which involved 2 buildings, one of which was ready for occupation when it collapsed under the impact of the first building’s collapse.

The building’s owners have been arrested and reports by Indian news agencies indicate that they will face charges of culpable homicide however the exact cause of the collapse is not yet known.

A similar incident occurred in 2013 where at least 72 people were killed in a building collapse in Mumbai.

India is known for building collapses because of shoddy construction work combined with the heavy rains during the monsoon season between June to September.

Source: https://torontosun.com/news/world/death-toll-from-india-building-collapse-reaches-9/wcm/28e81502-82dc-404e-b1b7-b26e8cbe24bb

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