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Date PostedMay 7, 2013

New Work Safety Campaign Launched by WorkSafe ACT

WorkSafe ACT launched a safety campaign entitled “Speak Up About Safety”. The campaign was announced by ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe and aims to encourage workers in the ACT to actively engage in discussions about safety and raise safety concerns.

Although the campaign is an ongoing one, it will start with a series of advertisements on ACT buses and posters in local workplaces to catch the attention of workers.

The campaign is particularly important for members of the construction industry because this year has been a tragic one for the industry with more workers dying in this industry than any other. The campaign is a response to the Getting Home Safely report on safety in construction, although the message is a universal one that should be adopted by all industries, this was the message from Commissioner Mark McCabe recently.

He went on to explain that one of the most effective ways to prevent workplace accidents is through active engagement of workers in a discussion about their safety concerns. This is because workers are most often more aware and alert to safety issues, which their supervisors and managers may have missed because they are not at ground level and so seldom come face to face with the same issues as workers do. Therefore they should be open to suggestions and complaints from workers.

McCabe also went on to advise supervisors to be aware of existing procedures or controls which may have been implemented to mitigate risks but also remember to address new or previously unidentified risks.

The basic message of the campaign is that employers and workers need to work together to achieve safety and to do this they need to engage in open communication.

The following report from SafetyCulture.com.au explains further:

worksafe-act-300x168“Work health and safety legislations works best when employers and their workers cooperate to either allay worker concerns or address the real risks workers at the coalface will often be the first to identify,” Mr McCabe said.

“Workers should be encouraged to raise their concerns about safety. Some of those concerns will be about important safety issues and some may simply reflect a lack of understanding by the workers about issues which have already been addressed. In either case, workers need to be encouraged to speak up rather than say nothing.”

“Speaking up may just save a life!”

Master Builders Australia, through its Executive Director, John Miller expressed their support for the campaign.

“MBA-ACT is pleased to join Work Safe ACT and other key industry stakeholders in the launch of this campaign designed to emphasize the absolute importance of good communication and cooperation needed in managing safety and continuously improving safety on local building and construction sites,” Mr Miller said today.

Both the HIA and CFMEU also expressed their support to the campaign.

Mr McCabe said he was particularly heartened by the support the campaign has received from different organisations.

Source: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/04/worksafe-act-launches-new-work-safety-campaign/

For more information about the campaign visit WorkSafe ACT’s website http://www.worksafe.act.gov.au/health_safety


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