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Date PostedJune 23, 2014

Man’s Fall Death Described as “Mysterious”

The death of a man whose body was discovered on a building site on Saturday morning has been described as “mysterious” particularly because the man was not a member of the construction crew.

Despite police and authorities investigating the fall, it still remains a mystery what caused the man to fall at least 5 metres to the ground below, landing amongst rubble and concrete.

According to police, who arrived at the St Leonards site on Saturday morning shortly after, the incident was probably a case of “misadventure”. The man was taking an early morning walk when he entered the private property. His body was found by his brother shortly after loud screams were heard coming from the site.

At the moment we can only speculate as to what really happened on the site but perhaps the man either tripped or slipped causing him to fall from the presumably unguarded height.

A police spokeswoman said that they believed the man had fallen from a height of 5 metres but were still unsure what caused him to fall. According to Harbourside police inspector Craig Thorpe the man was apparently visiting his brother in the area. Thorpe was quoted as saying:

art-photo-1-620x349“He had no association with the building site and was there unlawfully,” Inspector Thorpe said. 

“He was in NSW visiting his brother and it was his brother that found his body.

“Crime scene investigators have been on the scene today and we will also be doing a toxicology report.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/man-dies-after-falling-at-st-leonards-construction-site-20140510-zr8u2.html#ixzz31aSz81FQ

The inspector quickly ruled out any link between the death and the recent conflict between the construction company operating the site and the country’s largest construction union. It was heard that a truck belonging to the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) was seen parked outside the site shortly after the incident on the Ralan Group’s site.

Inspector Thorpe went on to point out:

“We believe that he slipped and fell either from the first or the second floor of a building under construction.

“But we’re not sure exactly what happened, investigations are ongoing.

“He had not been there long when his brother found him.

“The construction site is quite well fenced off so it was a deliberate act to enter it.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/man-dies-after-falling-at-st-leonards-construction-site-20140510-zr8u2.html#ixzz31aSz81FQ

While there may have not been a link between the accident and the conflict between the 2 organisations, union officials have condemned the company for the holes in the perimeter fencing around the site which allowed members of the public to gain access to the site.

This death was apparently the second on the northern suburbs site in the last 2 years and according to the union and its branch secretary Brian Parker, this highlights the need for more secure perimeters.


The previous accident on the site involved a man who apparently fell 45 metres while skylarking from a crane.

The union seemed even more critical of the latest accident because it had apparently warned the company about the perimeter fencing and that it could be breached. They also brought to the company’s attention that signs warning the public to stay out were needed around the perimeter but these warnings were ignored.

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