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Date PostedApril 14, 2017

How We’re Contributing to Carbon Emissions

We were recently asked the question, how  much are we contributing to carbon emissions? Do we really know? We all think about the factories and airplanes and coal fired powered stations but have you ever considered your own personal carbon footprint or more specifically your IT footprint?

Have you considered your WIFI or internet service and in fact massive servers that we think of as The Cloud, including Google Drive which are now a major source of carbon emissions themselves.

In fact according to a post on Sourceable.net recently, if The Cloud were a country, it would rank number 6 on the world’s biggest carbon emitter.

Other major contributors include fast growing services like YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora etc.

Find out more https://sourceable.net/the-spiralling-carbon-emissions-were-all-guilty-of/

Peter Cutforth is a Director at Urban E-Learning, a global elearning and web strategy firm based in George St Brisbane. Peter's interests extend to training, safety and compliance, online marketing, and Mobile Apps.

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