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Date PostedMarch 17, 2017

High Number of Apprentice Injuries in The ACT a Concern

 The safety of apprentice workers should be a priority for employers and site managers, particularly given their inexperience which puts them at a disadvantage on work sites.
In the ACT apprentices are being injured at an alarming rate with some lodging compensation claims.
According to a news report, 3 trainee tradies are injured on Canberra worksites, with as many as 7 apprentices lodging compensation claims.

The proper supervision and training is crucial for apprentices to ensure their safety. In the construction industry, the first type of training apprentices must undergo is the white card, mandatory safety training under national work health and safety laws. While white card training will help apprentices identify basic hazards and ways to stay safe on construction sites, more in-dept site and skill specific training is also necessary.

Find out more http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/02/significant-number-apprentices-act-injured-work/#.WMl3IKKxUl1

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