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Date PostedMay 30, 2019

Four Killed as Crane Collapses on Seattle Building Site

Four people were killed in a construction crane collapse on a busy Seattle street.
A few other people were hospitalised after the construction crane fell onto a street in downtown Seattle on a Saturday afternoon.

The building is Google’s new Seattle campus. It is believed the crane fell during a storm which sent the crane tumbling down onto one of the busiest streets in Seattle.

Three men and one woman were killed in the collapse, 2 of them being tradies working inside the crane.

A 25 year old woman and her 4 month old daughter miraculously escaped injury when the crane smashed into their car. Both sustained only minor injuries.

With all the controversy surrounding construction cranes at the moment in Australia, this incident should serve as a reminder of the horrific consequences of crane collapses.

Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/four-people-killed-construction-crane-collapses-busy-seattle-street-080809731.html

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