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Date PostedJune 7, 2017

Essential Energy Reminds Customers to Prioritise Electrical Safety

Remember to be cautious around appliances this winter – is the message from Essential Energy to all its customers.

Given that 40 per cent of all fire fatalities occur in winter, according to statistics from Fire and Rescue NSW, its important we take simple steps such as checking electrical appliances that we bring out of storage before use.

Some of the things we should look out for are loose connections, frayed cords and exposed wiring.

We also need to be cautious with heaters, always monitoring kids and pets around these appliances.

Any appliances that are worn or faulty should be repaired by an electrician or appliance repairer before use.

Read more http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/05/essential-energy-reminds-customers-make-electrical-safety-priority-winter/#.WSvyeMYlEl0

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