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Date PostedApril 24, 2013

Dos and Don’ts of Construction Site Safety

The most important aspect of construction work should always be Safety. Sadly many construction companies and contractors make the mistake of neglecting safety in an effort to increase productivity which most often results in not only construction sites accidents but the adverse of the desired occurs, instead of being more productive, work is set back, costing the company sometimes thousands to rectify, not to mention the immense cost of potential fines and notices.

The law does dictate that every worker in the construction industry needs to be made aware of the hazards that they may be confronted with once they begin work on a building site but they also need to be aware of the control measures implemented to overcome these hazards.

Construction sites can be busy and chaotic environments where a number of different tradesmen and professions collide in a single confined space at the same time. This can cause issues of safety, especially when heavy vehicles, machines, equipment and potentially dangerous building processes are also present.

The best way to learn about the dos and don’ts of construction work is to undergo White Card Training. In addition to fulfilling a national mandatory requirement, it is effective in teaching workers how to operate safely on a construction site.

The White Card course can be completed conveniently and quickly and combines both online question and answer sessions with telephonic assessment to ensure that workers possess both the knowledge and practical skills to operate safely on site.

The national White Card is valid through-out Oz and White Card Online has recently upgraded their online assessment procedure for the CPPCCOHS1001A “Work Safely in the construction industry”.

One of Australia’s leading online compliance training Registered Training Organisations (RTO), White Card Online, implemented a recent upgrade to their assessment process for the CPCCOHS1001A “Work safely in the construction industry” the online course.

The new assessment process incorporates both online as well as verbal questions which are answered via telephone in order to facilitate trainee’s learning to verbally report construction site hazards and risks and assess their ability to do so.  This is in addition to the 39 multiple choice questions contained in the previous course which teach works the dos and donts of construction work in Oz.

In 2012 the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council released course documentation amending the Skills and Knowledge for the White Card course CPCCOHS1001A by incorporating into the course:

  • verbally reporting construction hazards and risks
  • communication skills to clarify OHS Legislative requirements
  • asking effective questions
  • relaying information to others
  • explaining OHS legislative requirements,
  • explaining the meaning of safety signs and symbols, and
  • discussing basic principles of risk management

By adding an additional component to the training (telephonic question and answer) workers can determine whether they have the practical skills to enforce what they have learned in a real life situation.Certified trainers assess each trainee’s individual responses and are often required to further discuss their answers in order to confirm to our assessor that the trainee is fully competent.

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Peter Cutforth is a Director at Urban E-Learning, a global elearning and web strategy firm based in George St Brisbane. Peter's interests extend to training, safety and compliance, online marketing, and Mobile Apps.

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