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Date PostedDecember 19, 2017

Dealing with Stress over the Festive Season

Source: Pixabay

The Christmas season is a time of celebration for most but for many people it can be the worst time of the year and for construction workers it can be extremely stressful and strenuous particularly as projects draw to a close.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland said construction and mining workers are the most prone to stress around this period and there are usually a spike in workplace injuries.

MATES in construction advised workers that feel down in the lead-up to Christmas/New Year,

  1. If you’re feeling lonely, get together with other people.
  2. Help the less fortunate by volunteering or donating.
  3. If you’re religious, attend the local church Christmas services.

Also support your mates that may be going through a hard time. If someone seems stressed, ask how they are doing?


Source: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/11/useful-advice-construction-mining-workers-dealing-stress-festive-season/#.WjfL-je1s1l


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