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Date PostedNovember 27, 2018

Crane Falls on Home of Elderly Couple who Narrowly Escape Death

Source: Pixabay.com.au

An elderly couple in Melbourne are lucky to be alive after a 33 tonne crane fell through the roof of their home.

The couple narrowly escaped after the drilling rig smashed into their roof, destroying tiles and causing bricks to fly. In fact the house was almost carved in 2.

Residents are angry because they described the crane as an accident waiting to happen and had previously complained to their local council about it before it crashed into the home of grandparents Stan and Avis Pierce. The pair were at home at the time.

The crane had been used at a construction site next door and was being loaded onto a truck when  it toppled.

A member of Melbourne Fire Brigade’s Time Wadsworth described the “incredible amount of damage” the crane had done.

A neighbour who had complained to the council just days before, said the crane looked like it was going to topple.

The couple had to stay with a neighbour while they waited for their daughter to travel from another state to be with them.

See more https://au.news.yahoo.com/elderly-couples-terrifying-near-miss-construction-crane-crushes-roof-084457458.html

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