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Date PostedSeptember 16, 2013

Construction Worker Injures Himself with Nailgun

A construction worker on a housing construction site in Boston, USA was recently injured while working with a nail gun. The man shot himself in the knee with the nail gun while working on the roof of the construction project.

The worker, a 42 year old man, presumably experienced in construction work, was taken to the Boston hospital for treatment of serious, non life-threatening injuries, according to reports.

The accident happened when the worker was standing on scaffolding approximately 20 feet above the ground while framing the roof of the building when the nail gun unexpectedly went off, into his knee.

According to authorities the nail went into the knee cap of his right knee. The man had to be rescued using an aerial ladder because the accident had taken place at a height.

The incident is a reminder of the risk involved when utilising nail guns. Part of safe nail gun use is ensuring that all workers are trained on correct and safe use. It is also vital that workers are supervised if necessary especially inexperienced and apprentice workers.

It is also best to make use of the single shot type nail gun, rather than the bump fire type which is the type used by the worker in Boston.This type of nail gun makes it difficult to avoid firing by accident, especially when engaged in tasks such as climbing a ladder or scaffolding.

Read more at: http://www.enterprisenews.com/news/x1803281587/Construction-worker-flown-to-Boston-after-Easton-accident#ixzz2cuCzIxEB



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