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Date PostedApril 13, 2019

Construction Worker Injured in Forklift Incident

Source: Qld.gov.au

In another serious workplace accident, a construction worker was injured after the forklift he was driving rolled on top of him.

The accident happened at a work site on Sydney’s north shore.

Four NSW Ambulance crews and a specialist operations team were on site to attend to the injured man.

The man in his mid-30s had been driving a forklift down a ramp in the building’s basement when it rolled and he was crushed in the process.

The man suffered serious injuries to his chest and arm including a potential punctured lung.

He was transported to Royal North Shore Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Read more at https://www.9news.com.au/national/2019/03/07/11/50/news-sydney-construction-worker-forklift-accident-crows-nest

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