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Date PostedDecember 16, 2018

Construction Firm Fined for Painters Fall

A New Zealand construction company has been fined after a painter was injured in the company’s workplace.

The painter was a contractor who was completing work at the company’s premises when he was given incorrectly installed mobile scaffolding to work from. The painter fell from the scaffolding to the concrete floor on his first day on the job.

The man landed head first on the ground and sustained multiple fractures to his skull, face and ribs. He also suffered major brain trauma as a result of the incident.

The company had no pre-check system in place to ensure safety gear was installed correctly and was fit for use despite having identified a fall from the platform was a risk that needed attention.

A $150,000 fine was handed to the company who also had to pay reparation of $42,180.

Source: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/11/construction-company-fined-150k-following-painters-platform-fall/#.W_uXwuIlE1k

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