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Date PostedMarch 13, 2013

Construction Blitz Report Released

WorkSafe ACT has released a report summarizing the process followed and the results of a recent residential construction blitz on the Canberra suburb of Harrison recently.

The blitz was conducted on 30 January 2013 by WorkSafe ACT and pointed out a total of nine areas of compliance as the focus for the blitz. The blitz resulted in 98 improvement notices being issued, 2 prohibition notices and 18 infringement notices.

The blitz revealed that site security in the form of fencing, housekeeping and signage were the major issues that require attention in the area.

Fencing is vital for separating hazards from the public or workers that aren’t involve in work with hazards. Sites should be properly fenced and all holes, excavations, trenches etc. through which people may fall, should be appropriately covered. Also when the site is closed, curious public or children should not be able to gain access onto the site because they could be seriously injured or even killed by an exposed hazard especially because they are not trained to deal with these hazards.

Another important issue that is apparently being neglected is housekeeping. Employers must ensure all workers on site are instructed to follow the safe housekeeping practices because each and every worker is responsible for good housekeeping of their tools and the equipment that they use, the building materials that they will be using and the waste materials given off from their work. Although construction work involves deadlines and workers often want to finish tasks as quick as possible, they need to be responsible for the equipment they use and the debris that their work emits and ensure it is removed to prevent injuries.

Another issue revealed by the blitz is the need for adequate safety signs need to be placed in the appropriate place even before construction starts on the site. Although all workers entering construction sites must undergo the appropriate safety training it still helps to have safety signs posted around the site to warn workers and visitors to the site about hazards and what precautions need to be taken to overcome them.

Read more about the blitz below, the article was taken from SafetyCulture.com.au

worksafe-act-300x168“PCBUs in residential construction need a greater understanding of and commitment to their obligations and responsibilities relating to the current WHS Act, Regulation, Codes of Practice and other related guidance,” says WorkSafe ACT in its report.

“PCBUs have a duty of care to ensure when conducting a business or undertaking that the health and safety of workers, or any persons accessing the site, is not put at risk.

“There also needs to be greater awareness by sub-contractors and individual workers that they have responsibilities under the current legislation and that they also have a duty of care to ensure that they undertake works in a manner that does not put the health and safety of themselves or others at risk.”

Read the full article on: http://www.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/03/report-on-recent-residential-construction-blitz-released/


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