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Date PostedJune 4, 2019

Company to Introduce Excavators with Self-driving Tech

A start-up tech construction company wants to modify excavators for construction with self-driving technology.

The technology is meant to do the basic tasks of drivers so that human drivers can concern themselves with more complex tasks.

The company says this will also address the need for trained drivers who are in short supply.

The company, calling itself Built Robotics is tuning excavators with technology that will allow them to drive themselves and do the basic jobs like moving earth.

With the 2017 McKinsey Global Institute Report finding that labour productivity in construction has fallen 50% since 1970, self-driving machinery would increase productivity and allow human drivers to focus on the more complicated activities.

Read more at: https://www.businessinsider.co.za/built-robotics-brings-self-driving-to-construction-2019-4

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