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Date PostedMay 26, 2018

Bricklayer’s Lengthy Recovery After Falling 5m On To His Head

Source: Pixabay.com

An article on Smh.com.au highlights the human cost of workplace incidents. While we often hear the statistics, these are actual people, not just numbers.

Bricklayer Ben Roche is one those who suffered a serious workplace injury when fell 5 metres from a collapsed scaffold in 2017. The young man was working at a building site at Richlands at the time when he fell headfirst onto the concrete below. He was admitted to hospital in an induced coma.

The 27 year old worker remained comatose for 10 days to allow the swelling on his brain to reduce.

The man had been named New Zealand’s Best Apprentice bricklayer at the age of 17 yet his future now looked bleak.

Almost a year later, the man is now almost back to full time work, as a driver for an earth moving company. While he is no longer a bricklayer, at least he’s alive, but his story is all too common.

Read more about his long road to recovery at https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/health-and-wellness/a-bricklayer-s-long-recovery-after-falling-five-metres-on-to-his-head-20180427-p4zc5b.html

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