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Date PostedMay 10, 2019

Australia’s 5th Construction Death This Year Prompts Calls for Review

Another construction death has taken place, involving an apprentice at a Sydney construction site, prompting renewed calls for a review into construction scaffolding safety.

The NSW workplace safety watchdog embarked on a year-long crackdown last year and visited over 1000 sites, issuing more than 100 notices for breaches of scaffold safety rules, just months before the death of the young apprentice in Sydney.

The NSW State Government said it would take action if an investigation found that there was more that could be done to improve safety.

The latest fatal incident involved 18 year old Christopher Cassaniti who was crushed under a pile of steel when a 15 metre scaffolding tower gave way at a site in Macquarie Park.

Following the death, young workers claimed they were regularly instructed to do things that breached safety guidelines but did so because of the fear of losing their job which is also why they failed to report the incidents.

Read more at: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-03/christopher-cassaniti-scaffolding-death-prompts-safety-calls/10962884

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