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Date PostedJune 12, 2017

Advice for Women in Construction

It can be challenging for women to advance in the construction industry but one woman who’s made it in this male-dominated industry is giving some advice.

Tracy Young is a 32 year old construction engineer who developed construction software called PlanGrid that provides real-time updates and is designed for use at work sites, is giving other females some tips on her secret to success.

  1. Her first piece of advice is to “ignore the naysayers”. Use the negative to motivate you to prove them wrong.
  2. She also says find a problem you struggle with and find a solution.
  3. Focus on your specific expertise.
  4. Choose your co-workers. If possible don’t work with people that don’t want to work with you.
  5. Find mentors, even if they are male.

Read more of her secrets to success at https://www.forbes.com

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