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Date PostedSeptember 5, 2016

A Bizarre and Dangerous Solution to Slow Productivity

meth 2

While we try to tackle the problem of drug use on construction sites here in Australia, some workers in other parts of the world are being forced to take illicit drugs to boost their productivity.

Known as the perfect slave labour drug, methamphetamine is being used by bosses in North Korea to boost productivity in the construction industry.

According to reports, exhausted construction workers in North Korea are being openly supplied with the drug as they come under increasing pressure to complete a huge tower for the government.

Pyongyang has been covered in graffiti mocking bosses and the construction industry as they continue to feed workers with harmful drugs in order to increase their energy levels and make them work longer hours and faster.

Find out more http://www.news.com.au/world/asia/north-korean-workers-fed-crystal-meth-to-help-speed-up-construction-of-skyscraper-project/news-story/c006b978ac7e42968c3ff944257c96c7

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