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Excavator Incident Prompts Safety Alert

An excavator incident prompted a safety alert from WorkSafe New Zealand, on managing ground instability hazards. The incident that led to the alert involved an excavator operator excavating coal when a rock fall took place. The excavator was struck and

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Fire Causes Evacuation of Construction Site

The Star Casino construction site, on the corner of Hooker Blvd and the Gold Coast Highway in Broadbeach had to be evacuated after a fire erupted in pipework. Although the fire has been described as small, two construction workers had

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Construction Company Says Its Not at Fault over Wall Collapse

Although it was reported that the construction company was to blame for the retaining wall collapse in Cleveland that left many residents stranded, the company says it is not to blame. Excavators were blamed for apparently digging “too deeply” at

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Experts Warn Robots Could Take Jobs

A recent post on News.com.au discussed the possibility of robots taking away construction jobs from human beings over the next 2 decades, with experts predicting we could lose one in 3 jobs to artificial intelligence. According to an international consultancy

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Two Men Fall from Height on Construction Site

An unfortunate accident recently occurred on a Sydney construction site involving 2 workers. The 2 men fell from a scaffolding on Monday morning and had to be rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital in a serious but stable condition. The

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Mental Health Problems Putting Tough Guys at Risk

Construction workers have one of the highest suicide risks in Australia with statistics revealing that they are 70 per cent more likely to take their own lives than men in other industries. The combination of work and personal pressures can

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Construction Worker Injured by Drill

A construction worker at a construction site near Movie World on the Gold Coast has been admitted to hospital after being impaled by a drill in a tragic accident. The 42 year old male worker impaled himself by accident, while

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Spike in Quarter Construction Figures

Construction figures soared over the past quarter, jumping 15.7 per cent to $61.9 billion. The spike can largely be attributed to engineering work which includes mining, roads and bridge construction. In contrast to the rise in engineering construction, residential construction

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Worker Injured on Dam Construction Site Airlifted to Hospital

A 33 year old worker was recently airlifted to hospital after an accident at the Boondooma Dam spillway repairs construction site. The man was pushed by a 7 tonne air compressor onto a steel reinforcement structure. The structure rolled over

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Company Fined over Botched Demolition

A Canberra company has been fined over a botched demolition of a house in August 2015. The earth-moving company had to pay a $60,000 fine due to a breach which resulted in the release of dust because of insufficient water

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