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As any parent will tell you there is no grief greater than that experienced at the loss of a child. This same grief has led one woman’s quest to campaign safety laws across Australia to be uniformly implemented and enforced.

Kate Catanzariti’s son Ben died last year while engaging in construction work on a building site in Kingston, and so began her journey as an advocate for construction site safety in Oz. Kate is campaigning for the uniform workplace safety laws to implemented across the country and not only to be implemented but rigorously enforced so that no other family has to endure the loss that hers has suffered.

The mother from Griffith, NSW visited Federal Parliament recently and met with several prominent politicians as well as to attend the initial hearing at the ACT Magistrates Court into her son’s untimely death.

An article on below described what else Kate Catanzariti had to say about the issue:

Editorial dinkus-300x0”Workplace safety should be above politics,” she said after her meetings. ”I feel that strongly. I will contact every family in the nation that has lost a loved one in the past five years, and we’ll make a stand.”

As admirable as Mrs Catanzariti’s quest undoubtedly is, the sad, frustrating reality is that long-entrenched rivalries and petty political jealousies between the states make it highly unlikely that uniform workplace safety laws will be enacted any time soon. The prospects look brighter, however, for a realisation of Mrs Catanzariti’s other hope: that the safety culture of the construction industry and other workplaces can be overhauled and remodelled.

The ACT Supreme Court last week ordered a panel beater to pay $852,000 to a worker who sustained a serious eye injury while removing brake pads from a car in 2006. In her judgment, Justice Margaret Sidis found that the third-year apprentice was undertaking work for which he was not trained, for which he was not using appropriate equipment, or wearing eye protection, and for which he was not supervised. Such judgments send a strong message to employers about the need to pay more attention to workplace safety. It is a message that insurers – who ultimately compensate injured workers on behalf of employers – should also be reinforcing.

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Incidents such as the death of young and inexperienced workers on construction sites are a reminder of just how dangerous a place building sites can be. It is for this reason that Australian law requires every worker that sets foot onto a construction site to be in possession of their general safety induction certificate in the form of the White Card.

New, young and inexperienced workers are most at risk of injury on construction sites because they are still learning, such as Ben Catanzariti who was not as experienced as other workers. That is why his mother and others are campaigning for uniform safety laws to protect these young and vulnerable workers.

The dangers presented on a construction site are vast and constantly changing so employers need to review the safety plan regularly. By ensuring workers are trained and aware of the hazards, they will protect themselves and their co-workers from being injured or even killed, especially since construction site hazards are more often than not exclusive to the construction industry.


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Benefits of Obtaining Your White Card Today!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 posted by Peter Cutforth

While it is true that construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the world it is also one of the most rewarding. Construction work need not be dangerous if workers are aware of the dangers beforehand. They can obtain this awareness by obtaining their White Card Certificate which teaches workers the basic safety needed for general construction work.

There are a few reasons in particularly why obtaining your white card is so beneficial to potential construction workers.

  • The information gained will help you avoid both legal ramifications and physical harm presented by the numerous hazards present on a construction site
  • You will always be able to find work on a construction site anywhere in Oz. The white is nationally recognised and you do not need to undergo safety training again if your move to another state.
  • It is convenient. You can complete the course from your home computer whenever you have free time and the course is user-friendly and cost effective compared to other forms of training.
  • You will be trained on everything you need to know about working safely on a construction site as well as how to protect yourself and your co-workers from harm.
  • It is a legal requirement. The law dictates that you obtain your white card induction card before you can work on a construction site in Oz.

For more information visit our homepage.


A new country-wide survey which was conducted by Essential Research has yielded shocking results. The survey revealed that almost one in three young workers have been bullied or have been witness to bullying in the workplace. 

According to the survey around 13 per cent of young people (between the ages of 18 and 34) admitted to being bullied at work and an additional 19% admitted to witnessing bullying in their workplace.

Because young people are less aware of their rights and are often afraid to lose their employment which is often casual or part time they keep quiet about the bullying.

This is what the unions had to say on

A recent survey has revealed that almost one in three young people have been bullied or have witnessed bullying at work.

 SA Unions State Secretary Janet Giles says the Australia-wide survey, by Essential Research, has found some deeply concerning statistics about the rate of workplace bullying.

 “Thirteen per cent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 said they’d been bullied at work, with another 19% having witnessed it.

 “We know from our other work with young people that they are less familiar with their rights at work, and are more often in part-time or casual work where they worry that if they speak out they’ll lose their jobs.

 “What’s most concerning about the survey is that 65% of the bullying is reported to have come from employers or managers.

 “This figure rises to 74% for those in part-time work.

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The sad part is that the people who are doing the bullying are people in authority, which makes the likelihood of their subordinates speaking out against the bullying slim. These authority figures are using victimisation and intimidation to silence these young workers.

The unions have called for stronger national laws in order to combat these bullying trends, as many bullies feel because of the position that they are “above the law”, some even chalking it up to “initiation” tactics.

The effects of bully on the developing mentality of young people is troubling, with many of them fearing seeking new jobs because the same thing may happen again. Often it leaves youth with a feeling of hopelessness and depression which has led to suicide in some extreme cases.

The post goes on to state:

 “These are the people with the power to hire and fire, increasing the likelihood that young people will feel intimidated into remaining silent.

 “We clearly need stronger, national laws against bullying to stop it happening in the first place, rather than dealing with it when it’s already occurred.

 Coordinator of the Young Workers’ Legal Service Anne Purdy says the Service took 450 calls last financial year, and a huge number of them related to workplace bullying.

 “We see this as a major occupational health and safety issue for young people.

 “It’s a dreadful thing to happen to them in what is often their first job, and the cases we’ve seen reveal young people suffer depression, anxiety and are unable to work as a result.

 “We’ve seen some cases where this behaviour is excused as some kind of work ‘’initiation”.

 “But it’s wrong, and it leaves young people feeling that all work involves bullying, and they become afraid to try again in another job.”

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As a worker if you are experiencing bullying, speak out. Some examples of bullying that you may be experiencing are but are not limited to:

·         Co-workers, supervisors, management using unsuitable, abusive, insulting, threatening or offensive language on you.

·         Behaving or speaking in a way that it threatening, humiliating or frightening to another worker. Yelling at workers or screaming at them repeated constitutes bullying. Also yelling at a particular worker more than others constitutes bullying and victimisation.

·         Violence, assault and stalking are extreme cases of bullying that are a criminal offence.  Report these to the police.

·         Deliberately excluding, isolating or marginalising you from normal workplace activities can also be a more subtle form of bullying.

·         Making inappropriate comments or unjustified criticism towards you is bullying if is done over a period of time.

·         Always teasing someone or regularly making jokes about them is an example of bullying

·         Spreading gossip, rumours and innuendo of a malicious nature around the workplace environment about a person is an example of bullying


One of the more interesting types of construction, is seen below in ship launches!

These launches look exciting but are a lot of hard work. So to work on things like this you first need your construction white card, get online and get your process started today!


Safety procedures are important on any construction site. See how this man made the error of turning while he had a load up high on the forklift, which is a dangerous thing to do any time.

Incorrect Use of a Forklift!

There are really only a few ways that you can really mess up on a forklift, but some people manage to do them all…

This is exactly the stuff white card online teaches you NOT to do!

Get online and complete the white card course so that you don’t end up like one of these people in these accidents. Remember, while they are funny they can also be fatal!


Construction types range from civil construction, to high rise construction, and even rural construction.

White CardCheck out the list below of different construction types.




Concrete Construction

Foundation Construction

Steel Frame

Wood Frame

Monolithic and stem wall construction.

So complete the white card course today so that you have the ability to work on the site and choose from these areas!

It sounds like a pretty cool job right? well it is! There are people who’s job it is to set explosives underground so as to hollow out for mining and excavation. This is important and interesting, but remember you first need your construction induction card.

The white card course works on improving the safety of all construction workers who undertake it. So that you can rely on others who rely on you. Check out this video on construction incidents from lapses in safety.

This video outlines the essential reason that white card Australia exists. This is simply for your safety and the safety of others – so get online and learn about how to stay safe today through the construction white card course.

There is a construction expo every year in Brisbane, which is heavily focused on carpentry. Check out the interview below on this trade skills expo!

This expo looks challenging and interesting and impressive on a resume! If you are skilled in a trade, you could consider working as a mentor. For another interview on this expo, check out the one below on brick laying.

There are a lot of job opportunities in Australia and it is up to you to take advantage of them. There are a surplus of high paying jobs in a few industries such as mining and oil refineries. These are the kinds of jobs that you might be looking for and should check out. For example, in western Australia there is a large amount of jobs in the oil refinery business, and out on oil rigs in the sea. It takes a select few people to actually be able to pull off jobs like this because you will be working in an environment that is far away from home, and you will be working for periods of time. But the up side of these kinds of jobs are that you get paid a lot of money. If you think you are down for a job like this, then check out this blog post on working in Western Australia on oil rigs.

How To Make The Best Of Oil And Gas Careers in Western Australia

Posted on Mar 26, 2012 in Blog, Jobs, Mining, Oil and Gas

Oil and gas careers Western Australia offers exciting job opportunities that are not only challenging but high in the areas of remuneration as well. The unprecedented scale of growth in this sector has created a strong demand for people with the right levels of talent and expertise to fill the challenging roles within this industry. The oil and gas industry in Western Australia needs to attract diverse workforce to meet the growth potential and retain its status as a world class industry.

The industry is positioning itself for the next growth phase and that has led to increasing demand for the best workforce available from across the globe. If you are looking for opportunities that can help you grow and put your skills and expertise to use in the best possible way, then oil and gas careers Western Australia offer some of the best openings available.

The Industry Offers the Best of Work Environment and Growth Potential

It is important to find work that can utilize your skills while providing enough opportunities to grow and achieve what you are focused on, in this exciting career field. The industry here has a lot to offer in terms of excellent work environment, range of careers and attractive remuneration. There are potential growth opportunities for those with exceptional talents and commitment to delivering their best in their area of expertise.

If you are looking for job opportunities in the oil and gas industry in Western Australia, you are sure to come across a host of exciting opportunities. The best place to locate some of the finest jobs available is to look up leading job database portals that specialize in listing jobs from the resources industry. It is believed that close to 65 percent of the cream of job opportunities in the oil and gas sector never gets advertised in the newspapers. So, if you are still looking up classified advertisement segments, you are clearly losing sight of the best jobs available.

The Job is Yours if You are Able to Meet the Challenges of the Industry

Companies in different locations and with varied types of energy operations require professionals with different specific skills. What they require in all candidates looking for oil and gas careers Western Australia is a positive approach to the job and willingness to relocate or travel within the area and ability to observe and apply all safety measures during their time in the field or factory.

Most companies provide opportunities for on-the-job training for technical assistants and other trade related openings. Financial commitments are made for oil and gas jobs by companies in association with leading training organizations. You are sure to find great scope for adding that cutting edge to your expertise and skills through such ongoing training programs.

Oil and gas careers Western Australia is regarded as one of the highest paying of all industries. The remuneration is based on qualification, experience and progressive performance in the job. Leading employers also pay generous performance linked bonuses. You can enjoy the opportunity of being able to work in a sophisticated and advanced setting with tremendous scope to improve your trade skills on the latest equipment.

Choose the best jobs from leading job portals to access the finest openings when you are looking for oil and gas careers Western Australia.

This article was sourced from Australian construction jobs online, and can be accessed here.

This kind of job might seem like it is too good to be true to some people, and others might not be able to stand such a work environment. But one important thing to remember might be that the white card training online gives all these workers that ability to work safer in any environment. This means that no matter where you work in Australia you will be in a safe environment thanks to construction induction card online training. But as i said before, there are some jobs that can seem to good to be true, as this article also shows:

Be Careful of Scam Construction Jobs

Posted on Apr 2, 2012 in Blog, Jobs

Australia’s peak construction union is urging Irish workers to beware of scam employers.

Migrant workers flocking Down Under in search of employment in the construction industry are being warned not to accept inferior working conditions and wages by unscrupulous bosses.

Lindsay Fraser, Assistant National Secretary with the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) advises that all Irish workers should join their union before commencing a job in the construction industry.

“Once upon a time the Irish were very strong unionists. A lot of the kids nowadays have been spoiled,” he explained.

“Times were so good over in Ireland a few years ago that people coming to Australia to work aren’t heavily unionised. They’re being taken advantage of and we think it’s a disgrace.

“They come out under two systems. One is the 457 temporary working visa and the other is the holiday visa.

“Employers say to them you should go and get an Australian business number, which in theory you can’t do with a 457 working visa.

“As far as we’re concerned if they’re on a 457 there are very strict laws about working conditions, pay, holidays. They shouldn’t agree to get an ABN.

“Some employers then hold the threat over them of sending them home if they don’t comply with their rules,” he added.

Mr Fraser went on to urge all workers in the construction industry to join the union as soon as they arrive in Australia.

“We’re anti workers being exploited by unscrupulous employers,” he told the Irish Echo. “We just want Irish workers to know that we’re here for them to contact and we’ll protect them.”

He added that those considering a move to Australia from Ireland should go west for the best job opportunities.

This article was sourced from Australian Construction and can be accessed here.

But the point of it is to essentially say that there are endless job opportunities out there and you should get online and start researching them as you might find ones like this that pay highly for a lot of effort – but you have to be aware of ones that may just be too good to be true… Either way, get online and complete the white card online course so that you can get to work on a construction site around Australia when your ready!

New Technology and Job Offers

Friday, April 20, 2012 posted by Peter Cutforth

Construction is evolving and there is new technology being introduced every day, this means that you should be adapting to these changes. The article below introduces a new technology to the construction industry, which is essentially a way that construction sites can connect to each other with technology. This technology is especially useful and as it states “Roz Buick, vice president and general manager for Trimble’s Civil Construction Division explains that Trimble Connected Site uses construction technology to improve efficiency and productivity.”

Trimble introduces three new solutions to connect construction sites

National White Card

Trimble’s Connected Site can improve the efficiency of construction projects, resulting in the earlier completion of high quality projects at a lower cost

Trimble Australia  announces the introduction of three new solutions comprising of Trimble Connected Office, Trimble Connected Controller and Trimble Connected Machine for heavy civil construction professionals. The solutions were presented to the construction industry at Intermat 2012, the international exhibition of equipment, machinery and techniques for the construction and materials industries.  

Together creating the Trimble Connected Site solution, the three new solutions bring new efficiencies into construction sites by saving time and cost at every stage, virtually eliminating steps in the plan, design, construct and operate process.  

Trimble’s Connected Site can improve the efficiency of construction projects, resulting in earlier completion of high quality projects at a lower cost.  

Roz Buick, vice president and general manager for Trimble’s Civil Construction Division explains that Trimble Connected Site uses construction technology to improve efficiency and productivity, while minimising waste and expense. Trimble’s construction solutions empower contractors with site-wide information integration, transforming the way a contractor gets the job done.  

Trimble Connected Office  

Trimble Connected Office uses software and hosted services to create 3D construction models, perform data preparation and takeoff, wirelessly sync data, monitor site productivity, and manage fleets and assets.  

Trimble Connected Controller  

Trimble Connected Controller solution wirelessly syncs a Trimble Site Positioning System in the field with the office and allows the Trimble Controller to receive GNSS corrections via the Internet.  

Trimble Connected Machine  

Trimble Connected Machine solution uses hardware included in all Trimble Grade Control Systems to help contractors connect their assets and see what their machines are doing.

This article was sourced from Info Link online. It can be accessed here:

But using construction technology is only really important to you if you have completed the Queensland white card course (or any states) and you have a job in construction. If you don’t have a job though, and you are looking, you might want to look all around Australia, as the national white card allows you to work in any state or territory around Australia. You should also consider the following graph showing which states are booming in construction jobs and which states aren’t.

White Card

Another article that might help you out when looking for construction jobs is seen below. This article details the amount of jobs that are being given to foreign workers, and while this may not seem like such a good thing for you, it means that there are a lot of jobs out there for you to take advantage of.

Foreign workers filling boom jobs

Owen Jacques | 19th April 2012 4:40 PM

ALMOST 2500 foreign workers were brought to Queensland in the past year to fill vacancies in mining and construction.

Figures from Department of Immigration and Citizenship showed in the 12 months to February 21, a figure of 34 per cent of international workers to the state were delivered to these boom industries.

The numbers illustrate the disparity between the state’s boom and bust economies, as a skills crisis grips part of the state even as more than 50,000 attended the Queensland Government’s recent sessions on how to join the resources industry.

The demand for talented overseas workers is only increasing, with British workers easily most used, as the United States and India almost tie for second.

About 1360 construction workers arrived in the past 12 months on 457 or “Temporary business long stay” visas.

That is more than double the 670 construction workers that arrived the year before.

For mining, international worker numbers increased from 560 to 1180 in the same period.

Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union construction state secretary Michael Ravbarcor said the use of these visas was a way to “bring in foreign workers who (businesses) can exploit by paying lower wages”.

“Their employer can threaten to cancel their visa and ship the 457 worker home if they bring up any concerns of safety or wage conditions,” Mr Ravbar said.

He added that the Housing Industry of Australia and Master Builders Queensland – both employee groups – believed the skills shortage was exaggerated.

The immigration figures showed newly-arrived construction workers earned a total of $124,400 a year on average – an amount higher than their counterparts in other states apart from the Northern Territory.

Mine workers on a 457 visa earned a total of $131,900 on average – with only Western Australia and Northern Territory paying more.

Chamber of Commerce Industry Queensland advocacy general manager Nick Behrenscor said the state needed workers because the few people who could do the job would not move to regional areas.

“They don’t want to go west, they want to stay on the eastern seaboard and aren’t prepared to relocate to regional Queensland,” he said.

“The process is very stringent, you cannot source a 457 visa if there are people to fill the position.”

He said accusations of poor pay by unions was “an absolute furphy”.

As more workers were sucked into the black hole of the mining industry, he said skilled construction workers in isolated or regional areas had to be brought from elsewhere.

“If you look at the broad economy, you could argue that we are undergoing poor economic conditions which makes you think we don’t need 457s,” he said.

“But parts of the economy are doing very well and, accordingly, they’re continuing to need skills in construction, mining and health.”

Coming to the land Down Under
In the past 12 months:

  • 7380 – number of workers coming to Queensland on 457 visas in 2011/12.
  • Of those 1360 (18.4%) were for construction jobscor, another 1180 (16%) were in miningcor
  • The amount of workers on 457 visas for the two industries doubled in 12 months.
  • In total for Queensland, 1710 came from the UK
  • 740 came from the United States
  • 720 from India
  • 590 from Ireland.

This article was sourced from the great news site, CoolumNews Online. The article can be seen here:

This article essentially means that there are an abundance of jobs for you to take part in. One interesting thing about this article is that it says “They don’t want to go west, they want to stay on the eastern seaboard and aren’t prepared to relocate to regional Queensland,” So this means that you could capitalize on the situation and maybe apply for jobs in Queensland where there might be a lack of work. This is another reason that you should get online and complete the White Card Training as soon as possible. The training allows you to work on any construction site in Australia, so you need it before you can start applying.

Site Experience

Friday, April 6, 2012 posted by Peter Cutforth

It is so important that you get experience on the construction site, but this can only really come from working in time, and gaining a lot of experience. The experience will help you later down the track. But you can also check out some videos to gain experience, so have a look at the one below.

The white card course cannot give you experience on the site, but it allows you to work on a site and get experience in the first place. It also gives you the safety experience you need to work in a construction site. So get online today and complete the white card process!

The National Broadband Network

Thursday, April 5, 2012 posted by Peter Cutforth

The national broadband network is unveiling over the country, and is essentially the process of laying cable across the country. But the work on any of these projects, you need to complete the white card online course to get your construction white card. This kind of a project could provide you with a lot of work, and a sturdy occupation, so get online and start the white card process to get involved today!

White Card